Top 5 Places To Look For A Sample History Dissertation Abstract

History dissertation requires from a PHD candidate to investigate about a certain trend from the past, and usually involves a lot of reading and researching. Writing a good abstract is key to having a good dissertation, but it can also help you with systematizing large about of data that you collected.

History societies

History is a subject that many people feel passionate about, so there are many societies that are formed for people who enjoy exploring about our past as a hobby. Thou those are unofficial groups, many people that come there are experts, so if you ask them to help you out and show you some good examples of a dissertation abstract, they will do so. Many of them are probably PHD, or they know a lot of people that are doing their thesis, so they can at least connect you with them.

University and public libraries

As a student, you can easily tap into the archives of your local library, or the library of your university. There you can find lots of dissertations that were written by former students, and many can be on history. If you don’t find an example in history try finding one in sociology or politics because they will probably look similar and have the same structure.

Specialized magazines in history

There are many conferences that revolve around history, and there people enter with papers that are often their own dissertation. When entering such conferences, you have to present an abstract of your thesis, so even if the whole dissertation is not published in those kind of magazines, the abstract is. You just have to follow trends in history science, and know where to find the latest published works, and that way you can get you samples for free.

Ask your mentor

Professor that is looking over your work will help you find some good examples of a dissertation, especially if you tell him that you are struggling with it. It is his job to help you out as much as he can, so it won’t be strange if he shows you some abstracts of his former students, just so you can have an idea how they are supposed to look like.

Search for blogs and web pages dedicated to history

People that are interested in history usually post their work on public forums, their private blogs or pages that are made for those that enjoy history. These are places that you can get some good samples of abstracts, because history is a field of science that isn’t monetarized easily, so people are more willing to share their work.